Monday, April 16, 2012

Gold Tooth and Tattoos, really?

Ok, maybe I am a snob.  I will accept that criticism.  I was commuting on the train to my office downtown.  And there was a guy dressed all in white.  I was probably staring.  He was cute, in an off beat sort of way.  I just couldn't get past the tattoo on his neck.  I try to picture myself making love to a man with a tattoo on his neck and I have never seen myself with a man who had more than one or two tats and not on the freakin' neck.  How old are we?  Then he struck up a conversation with me.  And why did he have one gold tooth?  Just ruin my whole vibe right there.  I still gave him my number though.  Maybe this is an exercise in acceptance?  Non-judgement? Maybe it is just to show me what I want vs. what I don't want.  I have not been able to take anything that guy has said to me seriously since we talked on a few occasions.  I did make a mental note to tell my children to only get tattoos that can be covered up in a tank top if they aren't on your upper arms.  Avoid tattoos on any place that is very visible.  It may cost you in ways you hadn't expected.

Then, I went to my Reiki healing class as I always do.  And saw one of my class mates who is a wonderful brother that has a gang of tattoos.  I don't judge him the same way as I judged that man on the train.  his tats are all spiritual and Reiki related so I think those are good.  By the same token, any person on the street would see him and think of him what I thought of the other guy.  Why is this man all tatted up?  He doesn't have tats on his neck.  He does have them on his fore arm, and even the palms of his hands.  Which is amazing to me.  When I look at him though, I see this incredible light.  Someone who wants to do great things as a healer and a very powerful, special individual.

Neck Tat Brother is just as valuable but I'm just not sure I want to date him.  I don't leave our conversations feeling like I have been talking with a light being who is really cool and doing great things.  I feel like I've been in a conversation with myself even though I was talking to someone else.  That can't be good when you are not talking to yourself.  Who is to blame, me or him?  Maybe I am not curious enough about people.  Maybe I am too jaded.  Maybe I am too suspicious.  Maybe I just don't feel him like that.  He is like all of us more than just the sum of his exterior parts, right?  Maybe the problem is that I can't feel that connection with him that I do with other people for some reason. Hmmmm....What is it?  I have to let that one marinade for a while.

Here's to love and curious combinations.