Thursday, March 1, 2012

Inspired by Room in Rome

Make love to me like we are both women.  Touch me with your hand.  Stroke me with your knowing.  Talk to me with a soft, sweet voice. Caress me with your gentle sigh. Explore me with your mystery. Meet my body as an equal with your own body.  Take me and let me take you.  No domination between us, no fear, no games, no pretense.   Only passion, feeling, desire, and honest care.  Smooth skin against smooth skin.  Hand to hand.  Heart to heart, eye to eye, nipple to nipple.  Our breath rising and falling in unison.  Our legs entwined.  You touch my cheek, I touch yours-all of them. Squeezing, rocking, shuddering we come and we stay, we never go.  I tremble, you shake, we moan.  Roll away, exhale and roll back again, look into each others' eyes, smile, laugh and start again.

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