Thursday, March 22, 2012

Satisfied Customers-Love is Needed

I completed my first love letter assignment and it was well received.  I will hopefully be able to share my customers testimonial with you later.  However right now I have to say that one thing he said to me stands out that projects like these love letters are needed.  That really touched my heart.  Remember that song...What the World Needs Now is Love?  It is really true.  At this time in life things are really challenging and we may be forgetting what is truly valuable and important.  And loving each other, expressing that love and expanding that love to those around us is what is important.  If we all did that even for part of the day, say 15 minutes a day with people we know and with strangers we could change the world. Change the World through love, compassion, expression.  One letter at a time I am loving you.

All that said, I need some more volunteers for love letters.  I will treat you like a paying customer and you will enjoy a little love in your day and the day of your loved one.  E-mail me.  Follow me.  Connect with me.  I look forward to hearing from you.



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