Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Did I Fall in Love with Michael Jackson

I had a tiny crush on him from about age four, according to my moms.  I fell head-over-heels for Mike when I was six.  He is ten years my senior, which means he was sixteen at the time of our brief and lasting moment.  He was deep into his Jackson 5 phase of his life.  My mom took me to my very first concert to see Michael and his talented family. It was at the Cleveland Coliseum.  The stage rotates so there is not a bad seat in the house.  That particular night I had an excellent seat near the end of the aisle, second seat in from the aisle.  We were not too far back either.  Perfect for a stylish six year old, DIVA! I was rocking my favorite navy blue dress with the tan panels on the chest with the red hearts  pattern and matching red heart buttons. My pulled back bun was divine, with spiral curls on the sides.  My tights were dark and my patent leather shoes were shining. It was an amazing show.  Each Jackson had his signature color of sequins on that night, they were a rocking rainbow.  Michael was wearing orange sequins.  I'll always remember that.  He came singing down my aisle to the delighted screams of teenage girls all around me.  They are a rowdy bunch.  I was small and quiet.  I'm surprised I didn't catch any flies in my mouth that night as my mouth was hanging open in wide-eyed wonder most of the night.  Then the unthinkable, unprecedented happened....Michael stopped at my row on my side of the aisle!  The screaming girls were deafening.  But I don't think I could really hear anything other than my own heart beating and that amazing voice of Michael's.  He stepped in a little and leaned over to touch the hand of a screaming girl near me and I looked up into his face and his orange sequined arm was over my head and I was transfixed.  Between the huge Afro, that face, the voice, the orange sequins I felt like a tiny planet next to a tall, orange, singing sun. I could have touched him with my hand he was so close to me. I was amazed.  I couldn't move, I was holding my breath and I did not look away for as long as I could.  (Exhale)
It has been nearly forty years and I can still remember it in detail.  Once I fell in love with the sun of Michael Jackson, I was hooked for life.  I still think of him often, almost daily,  especially in the summer when he was born: a week after me, on the same day, ten years earlier than I was born. I wonder if he was born shining like the sun?  He was still shining when he left here and I feel l him shining right now.  He shines on and on, on and on, on and on. I love the sun of Michael Jackson, shining.   

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