Monday, July 7, 2014

In Love with Leadership

I always thought I was the strong woman.  I still think that.  I just recently realized one thing I need is  a man who is stronger than I am in at least one way.  He has to be able to lead me. I can not follow you if I don't think you know where you are going.  I can not follow you if I think you are not as smart or smarter than me. I can not follow you if I don't feel you know what you want in life, even if we don't agree on all the details.  I can not follow you if I don't trust your judgement. Seems like a no brainer, but I didn't have a brain for this until recently.

I need a man who is a strong leader.  A girlfriend recently told me in our private chat time.  I turned up my pretty nose at first.  Then I thought about it.  There is a man I would love to date right now and he is not what I generally go for in a man as far as looks.  Which is a serious sign of personal growth for me.  It isn't really about how he looks, he is not a troll or anything.  He is an attractive man.  He is shorter than I prefer.  I know that sounds so petty of me considering I'm short too.  I just kinda like the feel of a taller man.  I would ditch that preference if I could get this man's attention for the long haul.  His spirit is 10 feet tall so it doesn't matter if I'm taller than him in heels.  He won't care, because he isn't that petty.  If he did care he would tell me and then get over it.  I'm serious.  I would follow him anywhere!  I am not saying I wouldn't have questions.  I might ask where are we going or why are we going as I am getting myself and the kids in the car.  I won't have many questions though.  Why?  Because I trust this man with my life.  That is based on a series of events over a long period of time.  He has shown me that he means what he says and that he is willing to consistently back those statements up.  I can't say that about a lot of people.  I know, without any doubt, I can trust him because he is my friend.  He is also an exceptional leader.  He has a great deal of character.  He is by no means perfect and he is willing to admit that with no shame.  I love that about him.  He is unapologetically himself. No frills just the real.  I love that about him too.  I am currently working on improving my character because of his fine example.

He can also call me on my BS.  Most people won't because they don't like confrontation or they just don't want to speak up.  I know I can be like that myself.  He hates conflict, but he has a way of telling you that you are wrong that makes you see what he means even if you are mad.  He is often right in his assessment of the situation.  Once I get over being mad that he is right, I can correct myself.  I am only mad because he was right and I can see clearly how I was wrong.  *scoff*  Then I feel even better after I get that clarity. It is actually funny when I look back on it.  I would be mad, all shades of upset because I was wrong and he gently pointed it out. I still didn't like it. After I thought about it for a while I honestly did see where I had made the mistake so I could not be mad any more.  I just had to get myself in order and move forward.  I actually like that about him when I was done being mad.

Not many people can make me come to my senses in one sentence.  He can do that. He can do that for anyone who talks to him for five minutes.  That is some leadership for your ass!  It is insanely sexy to me. For me it is difficult to submit.  For this man I would submit with no doubt in my mind and only hope in my heart. That is a leap for me, my friends.  I see clearly that I need a man like that in my life.  Maybe that man or another one, but someone who has that quality in a big way.  Leadership and good character make up for being short, make up for material things and other external "short comings,"I really didn't mean the pun.  I bow to good character and quality leadership over physical attributes  any day of all fifty-two weeks.  It is more valuable than gold.  I would rather have a man who is of good character and great leader in a relationship than a rich man, yes, I said it.  I never thought I would feel that way about it, but I do now. Ase on that. 

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