Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Every Now and Then

Every now and then I think of something I love about you, man.  It just crossed my mind that I love to watch you work.  Sitting at your laptop on your desk with no shoes on.  Your toes reveal how involved you are in your doings.  Massaging the white tiles of the floor with your big and second toe while you type.  I admire the beauty of the skin on your feet.  It dawns on me that women work really hard to get feet that smooth and you just have them.  "What kind of lotion does he use?" I ask myself.  If it will make my feet smooth like that I have got to get some of what he is using.  It seems so effortless for you.  Makes me think of the little piggies game I used to play with my six year old's toes when he was younger and I laugh. Pretty toes and smooth skin.

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