Monday, October 17, 2011

Today I Want to Express My Love for Nature

Today's love poem is dedicated to nature.

Rat on the Marta Train Track by LoveletterladyC

Little mouse, little mouse, living at your MARTA house.  I don't see you every day, I see you when I'm on my way.  Waiting for the train to come I see I have 6 minutes to stay.  So I stand and look down in the cut at the rails like so what.  I always check just to see if I can find my little buddy.  Saw you today and smiled to see you hunting for a snack to eat.  City mouse or country rat I don't know.  Though I like to watch you go, go, go.  Zip, hop, climb and sniff. You never seem to mind the trips of humans passing by so near. I hear the train whistle and quickly you disappear.

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