Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love Letters in Memory of Missed Opportunity

My Love,

As I lay across my bed I recall a particular night.  We were both out with our own friends and still ended up at the same event at The Mill in Piedmont park.  Remember The Mill? It was a music event, naturally.  I had just introduced you to my closest cousin, he has passed away since then, did I tell you?  What I most sweetly recall about that night was the moment as I turned to walk away from you.  Then you reached out and ran your fingers through my hair. 
I tingled all over my entire body to feel the tips of your fingers on my scalp.  Oh, how delicious it felt as I walked away to feel your fingers combing through my long dread locks.  I remember feeling my hair fall gently against my waist at the end of your caress.  I turned and smiled a tiny, sexy, "just for you smile."  In that moment I felt your deep longing for me.  It was so unexpected.  I was surprised that you could express yourself so well with a gesture that no one else apparently saw.  What you didn't see was how I slowed my gate to savor your touch in that moment.  In a busy crowd I closed my eyes so I could focus on your touch and how it made me feel.  I ignored my cousin then, even though I did whisper to him later, "that's the guy I was telling you about." I flipped my hair seductively when I turned to smile at you over my shoulder.  If eyes could touch...mine would have been kissing you then.  Recalling the expression on your face, I would have been kissed in return. I absolutely burned with desire for you.  I still do.  Now it makes sense to me when I listen to Sade sing Love is Stronger than Pride. Frankly, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you to this day. We never talked about that moment.  As much as I felt your longing then, I feel my own longing for you now.  That is one of many moments between us that haunt me still. I regret that I didn't run back and kiss you good bye that night, Lord knows I wanted to.  Holding back my tears now, trying to decide, which is sadder missed opportunity or lost love?  I don't know, My Love. 

I still miss and long for you.

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