Friday, October 21, 2011

Love for Sale: Handwritten Love Letters for You

Shall we start at the beginning? (meaningful pause while waiting for your answer... you nod) I agree with you. I love love, I love everything about love. I love being in love. I love living in love. Love really does conquer all. So I have added to my many endeavors a love letter writing service. I am currently obsessed with writing romantic lists, poems and verses. I will list just one of the examples as I will be presenting this list to someone I have always been in love with so I can't give this love to everyone. I like it so much I am willing to share just a little.

"List of Ten Lovely Things About You:

1: The way the warm amber color of your eyes looks so intently and crackles like flames."

ok, one more.

"2: The raspy deepness of your voice when you whisper my name in my ear."

I have to stop there, I didn't tell you what else he was doing when he whispered in my ear. (audible sigh)

Since there are all kinds of love, I write all kinds of love letters, not just romantic-though that is my favorite. Other types of love letters I can write include:

Parental Love


Sibling Love

Agape Love

Sexual Love (Lust really)

I can write letters in any of these areas. I will write a sensuous, tender, or family related love letter for anyone who would like to purchase one.

Letter rates start at $10 for 250 words or less and go up to $ 50 depending on the length of the letter and what other support you would like from me.

Just e-mail me at and give me some background information on your unique love situation and tell me the type of letter you would like to purchase. I will give you my paypal information once I hear from you and we will go forward once your payment has been made. You will have an opportunity to edit your letter with me. I want to make sure I conveys the feelings you specifically want to share with that special person. After that I will hand write the letter and mail it for you. This is a very "touchy-feeling" art form for me so we may actually speak by phone once or twice before the letter goes out. I believe in that personal touch which is why we may speak by phone. I am offering you sincere and effective customer service along with wonderfully romantic letters. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here's to love!

Carmela "So In Love" Pattillo

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