Wednesday, October 26, 2011

When is There Going to Be a Time for Love

I was listening to Stevie Wonder sing this song "When is there going to be a time for love?"  What a question.  At this time our country is at war in two countries and giving out check-ups to other countries too.  The majority of Americans are experiencing economic challenges of some variety.  Our educational system is broken.  People are going just a little crazier every few years.  And I like Stevie, do wonder when is there going to be a time for love?

They say the only thing that can truly overcome hate is love.  Love can start or end a war.  Love can build a house and make a home.  Love is the highest form of faith.  Unconditional love is simple it is acceptance just the way you are right now.  You don't have to change your hair, get rich, lose ten pounds- I love you just the way you are right now, in this moment. Isn't that beautiful?  You are loved and you do matter.  The time for change is now.  The time for love is now.  I have faith in God and God is love.  I have faith in Love.  Love can never be defeated.  Never.

If you haven't lately, tell someone you love them today. Now is the time to share your love with the world.

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